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PST-002 Alternator and Starter Bench Tester (ORDER THROUGH ESG)

PST-002 Alternator and Starter Bench Tester (ORDER THROUGH ESG)

  • $4,950.00

Contact AmFor Electronics for ordering information. 503-235-1038 Ext. 117

 For decades, AmFor has developed, manufactured and marketed the industry standard direct connection test leads and testing machines. The AmFor PST-002 computerized alternator and starter tester features a touch-screen interface, an on-screen tutorial, and a sophisticated on-board database.

Despite its advanced testing capability, it is also easy to learn and use. The end result is a simple PASS/FAIL read out that requires no operator interpretation. Customers use it as a sales tool to test their customers’ alternators and starters and it can be used to certify that each new alternator or starter is in good working order, thereby eliminating warranty returns.

AmFor also manufactures hundreds of different test leads for alternators and starters including test leads for the latest product designs. Each year we create more testing solutions than any other company in the business. As OEM's improve their designs, our technology advances right alongside.